stephanie m. clarkson (thespian) wrote in tbg,
stephanie m. clarkson

games night!

(posted to thespian, and the Toronto Board Games mailing list.)

So my second regular games night is coming up, Feb. 25th - the last Friday of the month. The last one was a lot of fun, and I followed it up by working at the Canadian Toy and Games Fair, demonstrating games for the weekend (and getting paid). At the end of that, my employers let myself and Chris (who I had wangled a job, too) buy games at cost, so we have a whole bunch of games that are new to the English market in Canada (and Chris got two Asmodee french language games that are actually just about to come to French Canada, but are otherwise just available in Europe).

So, if you'd like the chance to see some games that you've likely never seen before, this is a great chance. Chris and I have been talking with the guys who are running FoxMind, and we can also get these games at a bit of a discount if any of them appeal to you. In addition, I have a few dozen games from Looney Labs, Cheapass games, etc., plus piles of the Parker Bros/Milton Bradley standards.

I am located on Jameson, which has an exit to/from the Gardiner, on street parking, and is about 1m from the 504 King St. Streetcar (which runs until 3am. Please RSVP for address, apt. #, etc.

I look forward to seeing people there!

edit: epi_lj has rightfully pointed out that I forgot to tell you a time. We're starting at 7, but if that's too early for you, we'll likely be playing until Midnight or 1 - drop in anytime)
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