Dr. Ben Mack: Prominent User of the Internet (epi_lj) wrote in tbg,
Dr. Ben Mack: Prominent User of the Internet

Thanks to everyone who came!

Just a quick thank-you to everybody who managed to make it out to our games day today. :) I had a great time, and I'm hoping all of you did, too. I think next time we'll make Arkham Horror one of our "special day for just that" games, so that everybody can get more opportunities to switch around to different games and socialize a bit. :) (Although I did enjoy the game, and I think that it can be done a lot faster than it was, since it was a learning game for almost everybody playing.)

I'll try not to leave it quite so long between invites this time -- maybe something in a month or so. In the intervening time, if we can work out a schedule, we might do much smaller single-large-game days if anybody's into that: Perhaps Advanced Civilization, Arkham Horror, History of the World or Project Teardrop (the game I'm working on). We'll see. \

In any case, thanks again, and I hope you all had fun!
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