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Games Day: Sunday, July 17th (Date Changed)

Our place will be open for games on July 17th (NOTE: Date changed from the 16th to avoid a conflict.), from noon onward. There's no need to come right at noon or stay the whole time if you have other stuff going on but would still like to come for part. If you're staying through dinner and will want food, we'll try to have some nature burgers available, but probably what will happen is that we'll try to organize the people who are there into ordering pizza or greek food or something. This is planned to be fairly relaxed, so fancy party etiquette is not necessary. If you wish to share in other people's snacks, bring something to share -- vegan and nut-free preferred. However, it's totally okay if you just want to bring something you like for your own snacking. In terms of beverages, we'll have water and juice from concentrate, and we have a nearly endless supply of herbal teas plus we can make coffee. We might buy some pop if we remember, but I can't guarantee it. We don't usually have anything "diet" or anything alcoholic in the house, so bring it along if you need it / want it.

RSVPs would be nice for planning. Directions and contact phone numbers available by request.

Allergy/Tolerance disclaimers: We're non-smokers (and would want anybody who smokes to do so outside, although we can provide an ashtray if you want to sit up on the terrace and smoke). We have two cats. The cats are pretty present / in-your-face.

Yay! (I'm at work, so the rest of the message is kind of terse, I know. :) )
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