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stephanie m. clarkson

game night, April 29th

After skipping it this month due to the unfortunate timing of Jesus' death a millenium ago, the game night will go on in April, last Friday of the Month, the 29th.

We've had a lot of interest on the Toronto Board Games mailing list, and elsewhere in the Catan games, and so we'll be sure to give that a play. In addition, Chris figured out 'Sharur Evolutions', the French game he got when we demoed for Foxmind 2 months ago, and has done a few demos of it in Waterloo, with people liking it a lot. It has some of the same 'game feel' as Catan, though since Sharur is the god of War in that alternate universe, it's a little more prone to solving your problems by beating on people.

There are 2 cats in the house, but they can be segregated from the people. However, the house is cat-danderiffic. I live on Jameson, and will provide complete address and directions to anyone who RSVPs. For those of you who have been here before, RSVPs would still be nice ;-). We're easily gotten to off the Gardiner, the 508 King Streetcar (runs until 3-4 am) or the 24-hour 504 Queen Streetcar. My phone # is 416-725-8651.

A partial list of games I have:
Common Games: Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly, Advance to Boardwalk, Scrabble, Clue, Operation, Risk, Isolation, various Trival Pursuits, Encore, Ubi, Battleship
Board Games: The Play's the Thing, Origins, Star Trek: The Board Game, Talisman (and all expansions), Chainsaw Warrior, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game.
Looney Games: Chrononauts, Aquarius, Are You a Werewolf?, Fluxx, Nanofictionary, Proton, Cosmic Coasters
Cheapass Games: the whole Devil Bunny ouevre, U.S. Patent Number 1, The Big Idea, Change!, Agora, The Big Cheese, Cube Farm, Give me the Brain and Lord of the Fries, The Very Clever Pipe Game. Oh, and some Button Men.
Foxmind Games: Squad Seven, Wooly Bully, Jungle Smart, Pounce!
And: Cosmic Encounter, Falling, Landlord!, Showbiz Shuffle, Loco!, Chez Geek, Gother than Thou, Wizard, Tibbits, Tri-Versity, Apples to Apples, the Harry Potter card game...

I also have a 2600, Sega Master System, Dreamcast of dubious reliability, a Virtual Boy, and a weird little bootleg original Nintendo games thing. Also a large collection of 'Pick a Path to Adventure' books if you want to be where people are gaming but sit off in a corner. Plus a 'Pick a Path to Romance' book that Chris bought me on eBay, if you want to laugh at it. And you do.
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