stephanie m. clarkson (thespian) wrote in tbg,
stephanie m. clarkson

gaming ahoy.

(crossposted around if you're seening this a bit)

first, a reminder that my resolution for the year (have more game nights) is starting off next Friday, January 28th, 7pm onward, at my convenient to parking and 24h transit apartment. This will be held on the last Friday of every month. I know next Friday has turned out to be bad for many of you, but this will be a regular event, so pencil it in - I have 6 RSVPs for February already, so yay!

Other gaming next weekend: The Looneys (Fluxx, Icehouse, Nanofictionary, much more) are seriously looking at relocating to Guelph (about a 90% change of it, I think), and are going to be in town next week to take another look - and play some games! January 30th, 2pm onward, at Cafe Aquarius, 33 Macdonnell St., in Guelph. Their poster is under the cut:

So if you're interested in either of these, or want more info, just send me mail. I think I'm set for getting to Guelph, but this might be a good place to discuss car pools if needed.
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