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what i find by following the damn ads.

So I was at Penny Arcade the other day, and they have a new advertiser, GameTable Online ( Chris and I checked it out last night, played a few games of the Cheapass Game, Kill Doctor Lucky, and it's really quite fun. Right now they've got 2 weeks free gaming to scope the thing out, and I might be taking advantage of the charter membership rates if it continues as well as the first game was. They have a thing where, as you win games, you get points, and the points add up so you can order games from them for them, like an arcade (only you're really unlikely to get Reiner Knizia games from an arcade; they tend to go for cheaply made-in-china stuffed toys).

It's certainly cheaper than buying the games yourself -- plus it comes with a potential audience if we can build it up. So Stephanie-bob says check it out. Oh, and feel free to put 'thespian' as the name of the friend who referred you, though really, i'm doing this so I can have more people on there to play with. Would anyone like to play tomorrow night (Monday), 9pm eastern, so we can see about trying some games?

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